Study and conservation of the Museum objects

The collections of the Canellopoulos Museum comprise ca. 6600 objects, including a wide variety of materials and types: clay vases and figurines, metal weapons, tools, vessels, coins and ornaments, stone sculptures and vases, icons, wooden carvings, decorative items made of bone or ivory, textiles, manuscripts and early printed editions.

In the galleries, visitors can see ca. 3600 objects, which corresponds to the 55% of its collection. Due to space limitations, the remains 45% (ca. 3.000 objects) are on storage.

All museum objects receive due attention by the museum staff. They are conservated and restored, photographed, documented and registered in the data base of the Museum and the Ministry of Culture. Non-exhibited objects are placed in protected cases for storage, according to material, kind and size. Like all museum objects, they are accessible to researchers who are interested in studying them.

Storage of photographic documentation of museum objects