Triptych with the Deesis

The leaves of the triptych are crowned by an ogee arch and are set in metal (silver?) Cases, which are still hinged. The leaves with Christ and the Virgin also have suspension loops. A red narrow band frames each leaf, following its outline.

Depicted on the central leaf is Christ in the type of Great High Priest, to the waist and in frontal pose. With his right hand in front of his chest he blesses, while in the left he holds an open codex in which is written the pericope from Saint John’s Gospel (18:36), referring to the nature of his kingdom. He wears a blackish purple sticharion with potamoi, a light blue sakkos with gold crosses and a white omophorion with gem-studded gold crosses. The maniples are of cloth of gold and bejewelled, as are the edges of the sakkos. On his head is a miter-crown with prependulia, at once symbol of prelacy and kingship. In the upper part, within a semicircular formation of naturalistic white clouds, is a representation of God the Father, on a smaller scale, blessing with his right hand and holding the globe with the left. In front of him,

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