Wood-carved triptych

The triptych has a trefoil pointed arched top and is set in a metal frame. The central leaf represents the well-known iconographic theme of the Vine. Christ, dressed as Great High Priest, is enthroned within an oval panel formed by a vine which has branched out to form circular medallions containing the Twelve Apostles. On the lateral leaves, Saint Demetrios (left) and Saint George (right) in military attire. A prelate and an elder are depicted in the panels above them, holding Gospels. All four figures are facing the central representation of the Vine. An architectural ground has been carved in great detail in all the scenes. Nonetheless, the composition remains rigid and flat, its popular aesthetic evident in the faces and such elements as the helmets of the military saints.

Brouskari M. 2007. Catalogue no. 229, in Skampavias K.—Chatzidakis N. (eds), Paul and Alexandra Canellopoulos Museum. Byzantine and Post-Byzantine Art, Athens, 450–451.