Red-figured Hydria (Kalpis)

The vase is decorated with a scene from the women’s quarters. Two women are depicted. At the left a woman is sitting on a chair holding up a large box. She wears a long chiton and himation. She has earrings and her hair is gathered at the back in a snood (sakkos). A young girl stands in front of her. She has a ribbon around her hair and she wears a long chiton and himation. In her left hand she holds a kalathos (basket), with her right she extends a mirror. She holds the mirror at eye-level and in the upper part the face of the figure from forehead to chin is shown in outline together with her right ear, which is covered by her hair. She is probably offering it to the seated woman. Notable is her short hair and the lack of jewellery, an indication of her humble background. She is probably a chamber maid. Fillets hang above the figures. Applied greyish white has been used on the fillet around the hair of the standing figure as well as on those in the background. The scene is set on a border of leftward turning maeanders. Bands of Ionic kymatia decorate the edge of the lip and the base of the neck.

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