Pectoral cross

At the centre is a repoussé double tetralobe cross. From the ends of its arms sprout pairs of rectilinear stems that diverge and curve at the ends, forming small circles with a stamped dot at the centre; they enclose a medallion with raised curved edge and a repoussé whorl-flame motif in the middle. The round finials of the stems and the medallion form a rudimentary trilobe. In the interval between the stems and the medallion is a foliate ornament. Soldered to the top of the vertical arm of the cross is a large curved suspension loop.

The workmanship is careful. The high relief of the repoussé creates strong contrasts of light and shade (cf. also crosses Inv. nos U 225, II 233 and II 234, Cat. nos 72, 70 and 74 respectively).