Pectoral cross-reliquary

The arms of the cross have slightly flared ends. On the front, Saint George is represented orans and haloed. On his oval face the features are rendered perfunctorily by horizontal and vertical incisions. His garment is decorated above by incised oblique lines and below, down the middle, by a band of criss-crossed lines forming lozenges, framed by vertical lines denoting pleats.

On the back is the Virgin orans with Christ, in the type of the Nikopoios. The representation is highly schematic and the subject illustrated with very few lines. The Virgin’s face is oval with pointed chin, the eyes are indicated by dots, the eyebrows meet above the nose, forming a Y, no mouth is denoted and on the halo is a row of dots. Christ is depicted, also by a few lines, against his Mother’s undecorated garment.

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