Hexaptych with the Deesis, inset in a later frame

The hexaptych comprises two parts, each with three leaves of equal size with triangular top. The surface of the leaves, excepting the figures and the foreground on which they stand, is revetted with silver sheets bearing fine punched decoration. Nailed onto the triangular top of each leaf is a small horizontal tablet (deltos) of silver sheet, intended for the names of the figures portrayed, but which were never incised. The third leaf from the left on the first triptych constitutes the centre of the representation of the Deesis, towards which all the other figures converge. Depicted here is Christ in red chiton and deep blue himation, seated on a throne with high back and a two-stepped footstool. On his knees he holds the open gospel book, which he points to with his right hand. Right and left of Christ are the Virgin and Saint John the Baptist in pose of supplication; behind the throne stand two attendant angels.

Represented on the first leaf from the left of the first triptych are two hierarchs with the vestments of their rank, while on the second are a hierarch and the Apostle Peter in deep green chiton and light brown himation. Represented on the first leaf from the left of the second triptych are Saint Paul in dark blue chiton and red himation, and a saint deacon (Stephen ?) in white sticharion.

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