Marble Attic grave stele

The inscriptions found on Attic grave monuments provide valuable information about the organization of Athenian society. This pedimented stele bears two incised inscriptions. In the upper part we read:

At a lower lever (below two concentric discs) we read:

It seems that the inscription refers to a father (Ktesikles, lower inscription) and son (Kalon, upper inscription) from the district (deme) of the Philaids, close to Brauron. The stele probably marked a family tomb or peribolos.

The name Kalon (KAΛΩΝ) usually occurs with two lambda (ΚΑΛΛΩΝ). The use of one lambda here is likely to be a mistake on the part of the engraver. In the lower part of the stele an elegant loutrophoros (water jar) with spiral-ended handles is depicted.

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