The museum participates in THIS IS ATHENS – CITY FESTIVAL 2024

8, 23 May, 1, 2 June 2024

The CAMU is participating in the spring festival of the city, organized by the Municipality of Athens. The festival comprises a large series of events addressing all ages and groups.

See the full program:



Seeds live (Michalis and Christos Kalkanis)
Wednesday 8 May, at 20.30

A year after their first concert in the imposing rooftop of the CAMU, Michalis and Christos Kalkanis (SEEDS) return to offer us moments of musical magic under the Acropolis rock. 

By combining the sounds of double bass, clarinet and piano with electronic effects, they create images that draw from movie soundtracks, the neoclassical scene and Greek traditional music.

Starting time: 20:30
Admission: no fee – reservation required
Reservation: reserve up to 2 seats per person at the address



Petros Klabanis live
Thursday 23 May 2024, at 20.30

During the pandemic of 2020, Petros Klabanis found his own “light at the end of the tunnel” by creating his fifth album, ROOFTOP STORIES, a personal manifesto with bass.

He initiated a series of videos in which Petros climbs onto rooftops in various cities around the world and plays his music with the simple company of his bass, amplifier, and some electronic effects.

With the thought that these videos will be audio “souvenirs,” he created an original audio-visual solo project that is his most intimate and personal recording to date.

This is Athens – City Festival welcomes the ROOFTOP STORIES of Petros Klampanis in the majestic rooftop of the Canellopoulos Museum.

Starting time: 20:30
Admission: no fee – reservation required
Reservation: reserve up to 2 seats at the address



Encounters with ancient and medieval artists
Saturday 1 & Sunday 2 June 2024,
at 11.00
και 13.00

In a rather unusual tour, two archaeologists will introduce the public to the “signed” works in the collections of the Canellopoulos Museum. Visitors will see actual signatures by ancient and medieval artists and learn about their life: when and where they lived, where they had their workshops, what was the cost of their works, who ordered from them, and why some works are signed and others not. The tour will attempt to throw light on the people, who are often overshadowed by the archaeological objects.

The thematic tour will be presented in Greek by
Nikolas Papadimitriou (Director of the Canellopoulos Museum)
Antonis Bekiaris (Curator at the Byzantine and Christian Museum)

Starting time: 11:00 και 13.00
Admission: no fee – reservation required
Reservations: reserve a seat by phone at +30 210 331 9300