Portrait of a child

This is a portrait of a child ten to twelve years old. The head is slightly tilted to the left. The face is oval with wide cheeks, the mouth has a fuzzy outline with a more fleshy lower lip that separates from the upper with a groove. Eyes almond-shaped, with the upper eyelid overlapping the lower at the outer corners. The pupil of the eye is indicated by a shallow cavity from a drill, while the iris, which is declared plastic and with an engraved outline, gives special vitality to the look of the figure. The eyebrows, in the shape of an open arch, are declared plastic and with engraved lines and frame the eyes. The right is raised. The hair, close to the neck, has enough plastic volume. They are combed from the top of the skull radially downwards, in straight, slightly arched hairs, separated by shallow engraving. They fall on the forehead and temples leaving the ears uncovered, which are large and drooping. The mass of hair is divided over the left eye into two unequal parts, forming a fork, with long slightly arched “tufts” in the opposite arrangement. An expression of seriousness and subdued sadness lingers on the child’s face.

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